our specialists

Lego Engineering

Preschool classes focus on both social and building skills with Lego specialist Jo-Ann Gorrell.

Each class the children build a different project and incorporate a new concept such as simple

machines, levers, incline planes, symmetry and even robotics. The classes are designed to

feature both a range of building styles, group or individual, as well as a range of themes. The

class starts with an introduction to the project and concepts as well as building instructions.


Inessa Gilmore is a gifted music teacher. Music promotes listening skills, creative expression and

social skills. The children explore sound, volume, tempo and rhythm with a variety of different



Elissa Shoreman is a certified yoga teacher and owner/founder of Buddaful Souls Studio in

Rowley, MA. She empowers our preschoolers to find strength and balance in their everyday lives.

Creative Movement

Tabitha Liversidge is a talented dance teacher. Creative movement is an engaging class full of

movement, music and imagination.